$55 for 3 pulls on a front and rear wheel drive vehicles with Air/Fuel and a print out.
$65 for 3 pulls on an all wheel drive and 4x4 vehicles with Air/Fuel and a print out.


Please call for pricing for the dyno by the hour or for a dyno day group rate.


Please Contact us first for an appointment. 



Engine managements we currently tune:


Cobb Accessport (Subaru)
Hydra EMS
TurboXS Utec
Hondata and Kpro







Pre-dyno/tune check list!



In order to avoid costly delays at the time of the tuning appointment, it is best to be
prepared.  We will at out discretion repair any necessary items at $75/per hour plus parts.
 If the car is already on the dyno, the dyno fee will not be refunded.  The car will
generally need to be pulled off the dyno and put on the hoist to fix problems.

BOTTOM LINE: The car must be 100% in perfect running order to have a proper

tune done.  It must not leak oil, misfire, or have any other mechanical/electrical

Electrical Issues

1.) Make sure there are no shorts in any wiring, no loose connections, no exposed
2.) Make sure that you have a properly functioning fuel pump and proper injectors
3.) Make sure that you have a properly functioning alternator and battery
4.) Make sure that there are no engine trouble codes present.

Mechanical Issues

1.) Make sure the engine has good compression and cylinder to cylinder variance is within
spec.  We can help you determine what your compression test results should be for your
combination before the dyno appointment.
2.) Make sure that there are no fluid leaks of any type (brake, power steering, coolant,
3.) Make sure that the engine doesn't excess burn oil, or coolant
4.) Make sure that all your Intercooler clamps are tight and that couplers don't have holes.  You
don't want a blow off during a dyno session.
5.) You may need colder spark plugs, either bring them with you.  I may have a set in
stock for your car.  If you need spark plugs during, or after the tuning appointment, be
prepared for the cost if we are to supply them.
6.) Make sure that the drivetrain is sound, i.e. no bad cv joints, or u-joints, transmissions,
differentials,clutch doesn't slip


1.) The car must have insurance and registration in case a test drive is required.
2.) We are not liable for damage to you, or your car due to any issue resulting from work,
use of products sold by, or tuning done by All Aspects Motorsports.  By deciding to modify your
car you take responsibility for anything that may go wrong.  If you don't like the sound of
that, then keep it stock.

On a final note, it just plain makes sense to be prepared when scheduling a dyno
appointment.  If something is in question, just address the problem before, so that it
doesn't cause problems during testing.



We have an AWD Dynojet Model 424xLC2 that enables us to run front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, and all wheel drive vehicles. This 424xLC2 utilizes a pair of 224xLC's along with an ingenious wheelbase adjustment system, the 424xLC2 can handle all the popular AWD vehicles on the road today. Along with offering the precise control from the eddy current load absorption units, the system also eliminates any potential speed bias between the two drums. This virtue is critical on some of the latest computer controlled AWD systems


Measures up to 1500 + hp and 200mph
Include Two Eddy Current Absorbers
WinPEP7 Software
Ignition Wire Inductive Tachometer Pickup Leads
Air Actuated Brake System
Remote Software and Brake Control From Driver's Seat
Automatic Conditions Measurement (absolute pressure, air temp, etc.)